SJCam C300 4K Dual Touchscreen Action Camera

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  • Compact Action Camera for Video/Stills
  • Capture up to 4K30 Video and Audio
  • 6-Axis Gyroscope Stabilization
  • 1.3″ Front and Back HD Displays
  • 154° Wide-Angle Lens
  • Supports Live Streaming, Remote Control

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SJCAM C300 4K Dual Touchscreen Action Camera

4K High Resolution
The C300 action camera’s new image sensor extracts delicate 4K mages and restores true color grain, allowing whites to shoot cinema-quality blockbusters anytime, anywhere.

6-Axis Gyro Stablization
The built-in six-axis gyro stabilizer feeds the shake effect to the image processor, allowing the camera to capture clear and stable images. Whether handheld recording or mountain biking, it is stable and steady.

30m Waterproof with Waterproof Case
Equipped with a special waterproof case, it can achieve an IP68 level of diving waterproof grade. It is also drop-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof, so you can dive, climb, surf, ski, and ride without worries.

Hands free, immersive experience
Use the special back clip to hang the lightweight C300 on your chest, giving you an immersive first-person view.

With the remote control bracelet, you can control recording or taking photos faster, making tedious operations effortless.

Low light shooting, high light moment
Adopts an extra-large aperture to increase light intake by 40%. Illuminates the picture with a calculated spectral image unit. Capable of taking wonderfully bright, large shots in low light conditions.

Exponential Increase in Battery Life
The C300 camera has a built-in 1000mAh removable battery that easily handles daily shooting. Replace the large, 2800mAh battery module and the battery life increases exponentially. Continuous recording up to 6 hours of HD video, no more interrupting your creative inspiration.

1.3″ Dual Touch Color Screen
With the large battery module, the camera’s dual touch color screens on the front and back unlock a superb range of shooting positions for you. You can find the angle you want to create, whether a shot or a selfie.

154° Large Wide Angle
The 154° wide-angle lens with an aspherical lens can effectively control image distortion while capturing wide scenes so that the field of view is no longer limited. You can take in the whole picture, whether it is natural scenery or urban architecture.

One app, all done
The SJCAM Zone App allows you to remotely control your camera’s shooting parameters via Wi-Fi and transfer files to your phone for secondary creation. You can even connect to the world’s leading social media for live-streaming and share your joy with millions of viewers.

Time-lapse mode compresses hours-long recording sessions into a minute or less of playback, creating magnificent scenes for you that are invisible to the naked eye, such as the Earth spinning and clouds rippling.

More convenient, more casual
You can control the camera to record and take pictures through the remote control, which can be worn on your hand like a watch. With the helmet mount, the camera can also be mounted on the motorcycle took the helmet, allowing you to shoot at will.

One camera, multiple roles
Not just a sports camera, in car mode, it can be turned into a car recorder in seconds to record the highlight moments of the trip. It can also switch to a webcam to connect to your computer, instantly transformed into an office gadget.