Godox AK-R21 Projection Attachment

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  • Supports Godox AK-R25 Flash Adapter
  • Godox V1, AD100 Pro & H200R Round Heads

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Godox AK-R21 Projection Attachment

Bring Dream Into Reality
From magnificent landscapes to outer space, from vintage country style to cyberpunk vibe, all these can be your photography locations as long as you have the AK-R21 and imagination. Built to bring you endless inspiration with optional projecting lenses and transparencies, the AK-R21 will unlock something ultra fun with your camera flashes and monolights.

Explore the Boundless Imagination
It’s the ultimate exploration of lighting possibilities. With unlimited transparency sets to bring stunning shapes, colors, and artistic elements to your images, the only limitation will be your imagination. No matter how bold or abstract your shooting concept is, now you can realize the wildest dream with the AK-R21.

Fit for Round and Fresnel Head
It’s the perfect combination of simplicity and possibilities. The AK-R21 is designed with two types of mounting rings to connect either round head or normal Fresnel head. So it’s compatible with AD200Pro (round head and Fresnel head), AD100Pro, V1 and nearly all the camera flashes across brands.

Preview and Adjust Projecting Effect
It’s a thoughtfully designed magical creator. Before firing, you can preview the result with the modeling light or the stroboscopic flash function of your Godox flashes. And it’s considerately engineered in every detail, helping you get the ideal image at ease.

The projector is 360° rotatable when attached to flashes. So you can adjust the projection angle to the proper angle much more conveniently and efficiently.

The mounting ring is also considerately marked with degree numbers, which gives you a visible and measurable guide to adjust the projection precisely.

Dedicated Lenses of Optional Focal Length
It comes with a ready-to-use kit, which includes the projector, a dedicated 65mm lens, and a transparency set. The lenses are built with precision to eliminate color aberration from center to edge. Whatever you are projecting, it throws explicit shapes and vivid images as if coming alive. Except for the included 65mm lens, there are two optional lenses at 50mm and 83mm focal lengths for you to choose from.

Sharp or Blur, at Your Fingertip
Whether you prefer realistic or abstract elements in your photography, you can simply turn the barrel to get a sharper or blurrier projection and achieve the ideal effect you want.

Hold It and Hide It
Designed with a universal 1/4” mount on the adapters, you can either attach the projector directly to the light stand or by flash. For camera flashes, attaching the projector directly to the light stand will fix the light angle steadily and avoid tilting down caused by weight. A series of supporting accessories are the perfect choice to hold and hide the AK-R21.

Any Genre Opens to Creatives
Whether for portrait photography, product photography, or any other genre you are trying, you’ll always find your inspiration in the AK-R21. Creativity awaits, unlock your imagination.

The World Is Your Studio
The world can be your source of inspiration, and a fresh idea may come to you whenever and wherever you are. When that happens, the AK-R21 is always there to capture your impromptu moments. It’s made for boundless minds.