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Since 1998 Pooja Electronics has established itself as the place to go for the best prices and service for photographic, audio, video, computer, and home entertainment needs. But the retail world has changed dramatically since we first opened our doors .Today the world is our store and it exists wherever you are when you log onto our website.

we strive in many ways in expanding our personal service and professional insights. our store customers have come to expect to include a dialog that can be heard well beyond our sales counters.

Through proaudiovideo.in we plan on bringing you up to-the-minute product news infused with detail and insight that goes beyond the marketing blather that fills too many manufacturer’s press releases. Additionally, we will give you access to product review videos, user’s reviews, and the ability to talk to the experts of the photographic and video world.
Pooja Electronics stocks and sells off the internationally renowned brands offering LCD TV, Plasmas, DVD Players, DVD Recorders, DLP Projectors, Home Theatre Projectors, LCD Projectors, Cinema Equipment’s, Audio Equipment’s and all accessories for the same.

We truly believe in our customer satisfaction Motto i.e. any product, Anyplace, Anytime Delivery all over India.
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